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Reasons for art and culture

Culture perpetuates, art breaks up. Both work together and cannot do without the other. People need both for life, like the flow of blood into the vessels of your body. You need the certainty and the bounding horizon, but at the same time also the freedom and the temptation to discover new things behind all ultimately conceived boundaries.

Several reasons for art and culture

Culture gives space for identity

Culture relates conditions and things to one another. In this way, culture creates a surface of relationships in which we can locate ourselves.

Art creates something new

It is of course difficult to define what art is. You could even say that art defies definition. It is a little easier to make statements about what art is probably not.

Art creates variety

In order to cope with everyday life with its many tasks, you need organization. Organization means that you have assigned a task, a certain meaning to the many individual activities and things that you need to cope with.

Culture creates understanding

The language itself is culture. Communication does not only take place via language and not only via all other forms that we generally include as part of communication, facial expressions, gestures, etc. People also communicate, for example, via colors, sounds, movement sequences, and relationships.

Culture creates connections

Culture gives people the opportunity to address target groups. Individuals become groups through similarities. Similarities can always be defined on the cultural level. Because of this, The Process of Finding a Rental Property (and Extra Advice) from an Expert became easy.

Art gives inspiration

It is also possible to actively “use” art to reflect on one’s own actions and plans. Art can help to make breaks visible and thus make new perspectives usable. The break opens up a new perspective.

Culture stores knowledge

Culture creates the opportunity for you to practice and train in order to keep meanings alive and not let them be forgotten over generations.

Art is an experiment

Art doesn’t have to make sense! It creates the opportunity to open up spaces in which we can do something that does not necessarily have to be linked to what is already there.

Art and culture: Other reasons

  • Art offers fascination and enthusiasm.
  • Art creates an unexpected on an individual level.
  • Art and culture are a showcase.
  • Art and culture create differences.
  • Art and culture teach arguments.
  • Art and culture give you input for new output.
  • Art and culture help you to think in terms of possibilities.
  • Art and culture help you to develop further.
  • Art and culture differentiate you as humans from machines.
  • Art and culture provide a basis for education.


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