Best Locations to See Street Art in the Golder State

Street Artist


Recently, no artwork movement appears to create more excitement than road art. Infused with real street cred which has drawn a worldwide roster of fans and artists in addition to established new superstars, this type of visual artwork turns public spaces to free kind canvases which may be appreciated by all.

Having a years-long tradition that precedes cultural moves like hip jump, the Golden State is still among the greatest places to look at road art concentrated in metropolitan regions such as the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego. This is the guide to a number of the very best ways to get the broad and fantastic canvas that makes up California’s homegrown road art landscape. It could be a great idea as well when you get into roadside trouble and waiting for towing San Jose.

Bay Area

Balmy Alley — San Francisco

Extended home to San Francisco’s other arts and music scene, even the town’s Mission District is also the place of Balmy Alley, also a mythical spot to find the job of established muralists, in addition to up-and-coming talents. The first murals back into the 1980s and so also have been political announcements regarding US policies in Latin America.

Initial Fridays Festival — Downtown Oakland

This yearly gathering of musicians, artists, spoken word performers, and local culinary favorites is a fantastic place to roam Oakland’s emerging ski landscape and also watch street art in the building. Founded in Oakland’s KONO district, the very first Fridays Festival is quickly turning into a trademark Bay Area occasion.

1 AM Gallery — San Francisco

Rather than pounding the pavement searching for good SF street artwork, it’s possible to really acquire an article, insider tour along with the opportunity to make your own (perfectly legal) road art due to the graffiti professionals in 1 AM Gallery. For a few DIY explorations, then you might even get into the gallery 1 AM Mobile program from the iTunes shop.


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Los Angeles

Melrose Avenue

From the mid-Eighties, since Melrose Avenue turned into an international mecca for fashionable fashion, the road and surrounding alleys turned into a magnet for street artists who have since become household names such as Banksy and Shepard Fairey. The spectacle evolved further as store owners began asking the unsigned artists to paint their own shops and since, road art is now an integral part of the cloth of Melrose Avenue.

Graff Tours

Located in New York, Graff Tours additionally recruits local LA musicians to lead trips throughout their city’s greatest street art places. Artists’ plan paths offer overviews of styles and techniques of all types of public artwork (like graffiti, wheatpaste, and stencil artwork), and frequently show their own job.

San Diego

Chicano Park

What began as a political stand-off above a plot of land involving local governments and Latino activists and community members in the 1970s has since turned into a playground beneath the Coronado Bay Bridge which is currently home to the biggest concentration of murals in the nation. Situated in San Diego’s Barrio Logan area, Chicano Park’s 70-plus murals were restored and afterward cataloged with a University of San Diego student undertaking. Even the 8-acre park is currently listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.

Street Painting Festival — Temecula

Section of the yearly Temecula Art Festival weekend, even the Street Painting Festival occurs each June and transforms the town’s Main Street into yarn for Plein air masterpieces performed in chalk by households, children, and professional musicians using the asphalt to make murals of over 100 square feet in dimension.


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