Is art a nature?

Street Artist

In the article ‘Nature’ from Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emerson struggles with the thought that character is much more than just plants and creatures. He believes that character is slightly apart from him rather than. When Emerson compared the character to artwork in the very first part: “Philosophically considered, the universe consists of Nature and the Spirit. Simply speaking, therefore, everything that’s distinct from us, all which Philosophy distinguishes as not me, which is, both art and nature.” He distinguishes Nature and artwork as similar matters. Both are in a position to be pointed in and so are different from his or their body. Both may never be described entirely, which joins them onto a philosophical level. Nature and artwork to Emerson would be another nonphysical section of existence.

This contrast that Emerson has brought up is one that is quite special for me since I have not ever made it earlier. Art and character have numerous similarities I have never noticed before. When are matters considered part of a character or a portion of artwork? Their similarities might just be philosophical although. On further consideration, Art and Nature are clearly different possibly even antonyms? Art is manmade, or man-organized. Art wants someone someplace to state “That is art.” Man gets the reverse relationship with the character. Nature is character until somebody makes it thinks of it rather than character. People can behave naturally as part of character till they start to believe and understand.

Just once you look deep into character that you understand that’s quite much supernatural. I believe that if it’s possible to see character it’s most likely not natural. While Nature requires the lack of idea to be a character, art isn’t art until somebody believes in it and understands it. The view from the top of a mountain isn’t art until it’s being experienced or was photographed. That’s the reason why natural artwork is generally not part of the character. Both ways, however, Nature and Art are extremely distinctive and exceptional things that may use facets of each other but may not ever be the exact identical thing.


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