The Advantages Of Handwork Sewing Craft And Art

Activating learning needs movement. But that’s not all. Handwork also supports students in learning more easily and effectively.

Good reasons for easy sewing projects creativity and art at school

Handwork is brain workout

Studies show that activities that you alternately do with the right and left hand train ambidexterity. Knitting, crocheting, tailoring, but also other easy sewing projects activate both halves of the brain. You can use your potential better. At the same time, the ability to concentrate increases. Manual work is real brain jogging.

Handwork promotes motor skills, creativity and imagination

Children who create something with their hands improve their ability to coordinate hands and eyes. At the same time, work such as sewing or handicrafts strengthens fine motor skills. Imagination is trained, as is creativity. And because sometimes something doesn’t work right away, the students learn to find new ways and to solve problems.


Handwork relieves stress

When you focus fully on a craft or an art activity, your brain stops worrying. It’s just too busy for that. This reduces the output of cortisol and adrenaline. You become more relaxed and calmer. This is also important for school children, because they often find learning, homework and exams stressful. Especially in all-day schools, they should be able to relax. Movement is one possibility. Manual work and handicraft is another.

Handmade is sustainable

It increases the perceived value of every piece of clothing. Anyone who has ever sewn or knitted something knows how much work goes into it. In this way, children learn early on the real value of a t-shirt or pair of trousers. At the same time, it is of course enormously practical if you can repair a piece of clothing yourself.

Handmade makes you happy

You create something whether it’s a self-sewn sports bag, a pillow for mum and dad or even a sweater that you’ve knitted yourself. At the end of the day, you have the result in your hands. It is a good reason for the brain to release happiness hormones. This effect can also be repeated when you wear, use or give away your self-produced, creative craft. Then it’s even shared happiness.

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