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Tips for aspiring and to be successful artists

“Artist” is a flexible term that encompasses everyone who is active in the various fields of art.  Even in, you can find some forms of art in there.

Tips on how to become a successful artist and what you should pay attention to along the way

Internalize the process

Like everything in life, your endeavor to become an artist is also a process that requires a lot of perseverance to make it happen.

In the individual branches of art, it can happen that individual artists suddenly seem to have immense success, while only very few realize that such success stories usually follow years of hard work.

Artistic talent

Talent usually describes a person’s ability to quickly and easily realize their own potential in a certain area. Artistically talented people are therefore particularly creative, but still require a lot of practice to convert this talent into ability and skill.

At the same time, the people who are particularly talented in one thing and who practice relentlessly in order to forge their skills usually have a higher upper limit on ability in the field.

Your personality

Your personality is the most influenceable factor on the way to becoming a successful artist. You may have to do a lot of fine-tuning before you are able to make a living from your art.

The following factors of your personality appear to be the most important

  • Perseverance and patience
  • Communication and self-marketing
  • The pursuit of improvement and tireless diligence

In art in particular, it is important to take a break from everyday life in order to refresh creative resources and empty your “working memory”.

Art studies: yes or no?

Assuming you know early on that you want to become an artist, the question that arises is probably whether it is worth studying art. Whether an art degree is right for you is of course not a yes-no decision and should definitely not be forced upon you by anyone other than yourself.

Formal training of the degree can bring you further in many aspects. The university provides you with tools and equipment that you would otherwise have very difficult access to. Knowledge of the theoretical foundations of your art is necessary if you want to teach your art later.

The portfolio: your figurehead

If you want to be hired as an artist or introduce yourself to agencies, you have to be able to demonstrate your skills. You have to develop a portfolio that highlights your strengths and illustrates your style.


Think before Adding any Materials or Decorations to Your Fish Tank

There are literally tons of ways on how you can show your creativity. Among it is through aquarium decorations. From putting in fishing lures, zombies, Eiffel Tower and whatnot, it is your imagination that would limit your creativity in designing your aquarium. In the even that you need more ideas, you can always check out and source the pieces you need for your design.

In this short post though, we will be focusing on the frequently used materials for aquarium decorations and how suitable they might be for the purpose.

Organic/Natural Materials

While it is often used, it is important to apply caution when using them. This is undoubtedly a grey area as some materials might be safe for some kinds of systems but there are some that might seriously affect the quality of water or decompose which may eventually change the hardness or pH level. In addition to that, where you are acquiring these materials may have an impact to your aquarium.

Whenever possible, steer clear of using anything that you might have salvaged from nature like forest, beach etc. You don’t know what that particular piece gets in contact with.

A general rule is, not to put anything natural in a totally different environment than where it originally came. For instance, adding some corals or marine shells to your freshwater tank is a no-no and forest wood would not even last long underwater.


This one entirely depends on what mineral or rock you are planning to use. You might want to try keeping the piece you’re considering in the container of the water tank for few days and check the water chemistry to ensure that it is stable.

Most rocks that are affecting water quality normally have calcium carbonate which dissolves at low pH level that causes pH to increase and hardness to rise – more often than not, rocks from ocean. If you have strong gut feeling about this, then you may try adding few drops of vinegar on the rock. If it contains calcium carbonate, then you should see it fizzing up and dissolving. This is something you don’t want to add to a freshwater tank.

Managing Your Online Presence to Boost Your Artwork’s Exposure

Navigating through social media could be a real challenge. Luckily, there are social media experts such as that can help in managing your account and grow your followers and fan base while improving your engagement. It is fairly easy to make a post on Instagram and leave it there. But if you have an art business, do you think that it is all what it takes to get enough exposure?

Your IG account and any other social media profiles you have is a reflection of your art brand. Basically, it’s an extension of it. Whether you like it or not, people will be judging your artwork base on the posts you made. What’s more, there are increasing number of collectors who are turning to IG in finding and collecting new art.

Regardless if you have to be better in posting new content or learn how to maximize the use of hashtags “#”, it is crucial to bring things up a notch. Today, there are many different ways on how it can be done actually.

Account Completion

Whenever a prospective buyer happens to stumble on your account, you can almost immediately initiate a relationship with them by ensuring that your name, bio and image looks professional.

First things first, don’t complicate your username. As much as possible, use your real name along with keywords like “artist”, studio name or the medium that you’re working in. Then after, pick a thumbnail image in which fans could easily identify with. Lastly, make a brief bio but be sure it’s descriptive.

Careful with who You Follow

Among the best ways of getting more followers to your account is by means of following the “suggested users”. IG has created these suggested as per the people on your contact list, those you follow or posts that you previously liked.

To be able to find them, look at the top right corner of the app and click the icon with the person and “+” sign. This is going to bring you to the “Discover People” section along with suggested list of users. After following someone, they’ll get a notification together with your profile waiting to be viewed. More often than not, people will be following you back because they are in the same niche and interests as yours.

The Art of Using Smart Door Lock

A lot of things around us are evolving because of technology. It has been making our lives easier and faster because of innovations, making our lives more convenient. More than twenty years ago, cellphones had an option to require a password using numbers before you can access your phone for security purposes; now, most mobile devices contain features where the password can be set using not only numbers but also letters and symbols. Fortunately, the advancements in technologies can be seen not only on mobile devices but on many other things that are essential to our everyday lives

For this article, we will be talking about something that surprisingly benefit from technological advancement. I know a lot of people around us have keys with them because it is the most common way to secure our house or rooms. But this is not only the item that locks our houses, but there are also different items that help secure our homes such as padlocks.

Technology produces smart door locks and most of these advanced locks are usually seen in important building or other building that needed extra safety because there are very important and confidential files in it. Those who are rich also have this kind of security. The good thing about this smart locks is that it allows you to have full control on the house. First, you will need any keys because it can already detect your face and you can even know who is breaking in to your house. Moreover, you can also register your family’s face so they no longer need to bring keys with them all the time.

Click here for different types of smart door lock

As what I have mentioned earlier, this kind of lock system is indeed a great outcome of technological advancement that have helped a lot when it comes to safety and security. Buildings such as hotel, office building have them. Now you might ask why are there places that still do not want to make use of this kind of security system. The simple and somewhat obvious answer to that is smart locks are much expensive compared to a lock where you always need a key with you. However, even though it is very pricey, the benefits are really amazing.

Roman Artwork

Architecture, Sculpture, Painting of the Historic Rome.

For several centuries Ancient Rome was the utmost powerful land on earth, exceeding all others at military federation and warfare, engineering, as well as architecture. Its distinctive cultural accomplishments involve the creation of the dome and the groin vault, the advancement of concrete and a European-wide system of roads and even bridges.

Heritage of Roman Art

Despite the fact that Rome was formed as far back as 750 BCE, it brought a rocky lifetime for quite a few centuries. Originally, it was reigned over by Etruscan kings who constructed a wide range of Etruscan art (murals, statues, and steelwork) for their tombs along with their palaces, and to rejoice their military wins. After the launching of the Roman Republic, Etruscan impact ceased as the Romans began emerging into contact with the prospering Greek cities of southern Italy and the eastern Mediterranean, they dropped under the impact of Greek art – a method known as Hellenization.

Cultural Mediocrity Complex

Roman design and technological innovation were never under bold, but its painting as well as the sculpture was influenced by Greek customs and additionally on art styles designed in its dependent states a lot like Egypt and Ancient Persia.

Architectural mastery

Rome’s best contribution to the heritage of art is unquestionable to be located in the field of architectural style and design. The Roman architecture throughout the age of the Republic identified the round temple along with the curved arch but, following the turn of the Millennium, Roman architects and engineers created methods for urban constructing on an enormous scale. Meanwhile, Bodybuilding requires a multi-edged technique. To obtain that perfect physical structure, a healthy diet, regular workout routines, and use of correct supplements are what you will need. Crazy Bulk features a wide variety of mass building health supplements that support a bodybuilder to develop muscles and shed excess fat immediately.

A legacy of philosophical thoughts


Abstract expressionism is the phrase used to new types of abstract art created by American painters like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko as well as Willem de Kooning in the 1940s and 1950s. It is frequently known for gestural brush-strokes or simply mark-making, and the impact of spontaneity

The abstract expressionists were mainly located in New York City and likewise known as the New York school. The title prompts their purpose to produce art that when abstract was furthermore expressive or sentimental in its result. They were motivated by the unique concept that art must originate from the unconscious thoughts.


In abstract expressionism were two large groups referred to as the action painters, who seem to attack their artwork with expressive brush movements; and also the colour field artists who filled their work with substantial sections of a single colour.

The action artists were brought by Jackson Pollock along with Willem de Kooning, who functioned in a natural improvisatory way usually using huge brushes to create sweeping gestured marks. Pollock once positioned his special canvas on the floor and danced all over it dripping paint from the can or walking it with the brush or a stick. In this method, the action painters instantly put their interior impulses on the painting.

The following group including Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman along with Clyfford Still. They were profoundly interested in religion and also myth and

produced simple formation with huge areas of colour meant to create an introspective or meditational effect in the spectator.

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Abstract expressionism is a painting movement

Can Art Reduce or Alleviate Stress Levels?

There are countless of misbelieve floating about art. There are people who think that it’s for those with creative minds that manifest in forms of sculpting and/or painting. Others however believe that a person either is born with artistic talent or not.

Numerous people who fall into the latter feel that it doesn’t make any sense to create art for they themselves will not be satisfied with the outcome. Another very popular myth surrounding this subject is, you must work with art therapist prior to getting its therapeutic benefit.

But would you believe if I tell you that each and every one of us has innate desire to freely express ourselves and art is one of the many ways to make it happen? It sounds hard to believe yes. But there are instances to which some people just needed a push to reveal their artistic side. In fact, if you take the time to check out, there are many pieces of information regarding the use of cannabis and how it can help a person attain a euphoric state – a state of calmness, peace and free flowing of artistry.

Art Attack!

Now, assuming that you get pass the first barrier (which is yourself) and you’re ready to take art as it is, following are ways how creative expression can deliver exceptional mental health benefits – therefore, making you a healthier and happier individual.

Relieving Stress Levels

There are various art activities such as sculpting, photography, drawing and painting that promotes relaxation. Being a rewarding hobby, it can help in lowering your stress levels while leaving you feeling calm and clear mentally.

The reason for this is, arts like the ones mentioned cause diversion and gives your brain a break from the things it routinely thinks.

Painting embraces all the ten functions of the eye; that is to say, darkness, light, body and color, shape and location, distance and closeness, motion and rest. – Leonardo Da Vinci

Encourages a Creative Mind

As per Lawrence Katz, an internationally acclaimed pioneer in neuron regeneration research, he discovered that mental declines were brought mainly not due to death of the brain cells but more on the loss communication between them.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Katz also coined neurobics as a way to describe various brain exercises that are using our senses in novel and new ways. Making art is a perfect fit to this definition.

Improves Problem Solving Skills

In comparison to math, there’s no wrong answer when doing art. It’s for the straightforward reason that it is encouraging creative thinking and allows you to think of your very own solution to unique problems.

Art of Building Houses


Assembling one from the ground up could be stressful if purchasing a home is nerve-wracking. Building houses that are new offers the following four benefits.

Unlimited Customization

A lot of people would like to reside in a house personalized for them. Most do not even think about this alternative only because they presume it’d be too expensive to build from scratch when considering a move. That’s not a high cost for also the knowledge and customization that there is a house actually one. For customization, decorate your house interior with art. It is not unusual to pay upwards for property which has been assembled for the requirements of somebody else. Why pay for a home which isn’t built to your own specifications if the amount of money or less may be spent on customization’s luxury?

A Healthier Alternative

Homes are riddled with risks to their owners’ wellbeing. These buildings hide complications and under their flooring, though beautiful on the outside. Asbestos, mold, lead paint, and pest infestations are only a couple of the health dangers which may be associated with houses. Assembling a location that is new from the ground up will ensure that none of those health dangers live together with the inhabitants that are mortgage-paying.

Greater Efficiency

Houses do arrive with floors and background that is unwelcome; they are complete with furnaces, water heater, appliances that are energy-hungry, and windows. For water heaters, choose an electric tankless water heater because they’re more efficient and cost effective. Each these problems contribute to a residence that is inefficient. This lack of efficacy is likely to rob the homeowner’s pocket, whether it’s via the requirement to redesign or because of electricity bills.

Efficiency is guaranteed by new houses. This is particularly true when they’re constructed in community or a neighborhood using a green initiative. In areas, strategies are entailed by preexisting programs for new houses. These programs might include panels and insulating material that is highest .

Better Resale Value

It might be worth noting that the resale value of houses is greater than that of older ones though many house builders aren’t very likely to market their abodes anytime within their future. Each layout that is customized is exceptional, and every has appealing characteristics that houses lack. This makes such houses precious to buyers and irresistible. If conditions change and also selling the place that is assembled becomes mandatory, then you have the consolation of having the ability to request a selling cost that is high.

Avoid these Mistakes when Building your Best Chicken Coop

This past year I made a decision to construct the best chicken coop together with my spouse. We chose that a part of us becoming fitter was growing increasingly more of our personal meals and eating natural to prevent the substances that build up in our own bodies. As a part of this we needed to raise chickens and wholesome eggs. After a small bit more problem than we’d asked for we eventually failed build a chicken coop.

I wish that somebody could have told me a very long past what errors to avoid.

1. Not Planning Before You Construct.

Whenever you’re all set to construct a chicken coop you need to plan each feature of the coop before you get a hammer.

To construct a chicken coop pull out a program. Collect each of the materials. Select materials which are going to be simple to achieve, easy to use and simple to wash up. Plan the performance of your own neighbourhood. The doors will need to start up, not outwards. If you assemble it another way with all the door opening you cows will start roosting in your own windows. Your hens will shell out a good deal of time from the coop in order that they want clean air, designing a room with sliding windows is an excellent way to keep them cool in the summer and hot in the summertime.

When you construct a chicken home you need to consider how are you going to maintain the floors clean on your own area.

2. Not Offering Your Chickens Proper Heating.

Assembling a chicken coop would be to shield your flock from heat. The objective of your coop would be to guard your hens in the component and external predators, but in addition, you ought to provide them appropriate ventilation.  Free motion of air within the coop is essential, but you don’t wish to suspend your chickens having a draft. Chickens, are similar to people, they could only function at their optimal levels if all their fundamental needs are fulfilled, in such a case oxygen and protection.

A Chicken coop free of air motion and consequently more oxygen will probably have elevated carbon dioxide degrees and humidity levels. This is bad because uncomfortable cows don’t create as many eggs. It’s also quite dangerous since it creates mold growth inside the walls quite simple.

3. No Insulation.

The walls of this chicken coop should have insulation. This can keep the chickens warm in winter months and cool in the summertime. The insulating material will also help maintain the coop in optimal humidity levels. When the hens are kept in the highest humidity levels they make eggs. Insulating the walls may also help maintain the chickens dry. In colder climates as soon as your chickens are dry they could defy the cold nicely. Insulating the walls are not only going to keep your cows producing eggs but it is going to stop your own chickens from becoming sick.

4. Not Placing the Water and the Feeders at the Right Location.

Should you construct a chicken coop, of course the water along with the fish feeders will need to maintain a location where your cows can quickly get them. It’s essential to be quite careful in choosing a place to place the water along with the feeders. Chickens are able to earn a major mess of stuff due to their natural urge to dig and scratch. It’s quite irritating to see the chicken feed that you merely set out all around the ground. To stop this position the feeder as well as the water in the elevation of a chicken right back. Ideally the chickens might need to extend their necks up into the food just a bit to drink and eat but they won’t be in a position to put their toes in their water or food.

Make sure you replace the water along with the chicken feed every day.

6. Not Fixing Your Chickens out of Predators.

Construct a chicken coop not just to shield your flock in the components and to safeguard them from predators. Here are the principles to protect your hens out of predators:

  • Don’t construct up the coop near brush in which additional creatures might live.
  • Bury your external chicken works with poultry wire.



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